Are You Indispensable?

I’m about half way through Seth Godin’s new book, Linchpin (available Jan 26 – but I’m a friend).
It’s very good. Different from his other books, which I consider must reads (Purple Cow, Tribes, The Dip). 
He talks about the need for each of us to be indispensable. 
If you are indispensable you go beyond the normal, the standard, the mundane, the average, the dull, the boring. 
We built a house 6 years ago. After it was done I told my builder that I wouldn’t build a doghouse without having him involved.
That’s indispensable. 
Build yourself a place in the mind of your clients, your boss, your employees, your partner where they can not imagine being without you.
In other posts here I have touted the need to be remarkable – worthy of remark. That comes from Seth’s book, Purple Cow. 
The aphorism is now, “Be remarkable and indispensable.”