Bad People are Bad Employees – In the Army Too

The rampage allegedly committed by an Army staff sergent hits very close to home.  Our son is in Afganistan as I write this.  He was in Iraq as was his younger brother.

The actions of this single man has put our son at greater risk – of this there is no dispute.

The news is now coming out with stories of the sergent’s past.  There are stories of drunk driving, assault, a hit and run accident, and stock fraud involving over $1,000,000.

Clearly this guy’s past should have told someone of his character.  Why does the greatest Army in the world have guys like this in leadership positions?

Bad people make bad employees.  I guarantee there are other signs that this guy should not have been where he was.  How much more info would the Army have needed?

In your business if you have bad people – people of low character – working for you they will hurt you, in some way.  It may be small.  It may be huge.

Hire very slowly.   Fire very quickly.  Hire slow, fire fast.

Check new people out.  Build a culture of honesty and integrity in your operation.  Do not lie, cheat or steal and do associate with those that do.