Boat and Yacht Insurance

Boat insurance provides coverage on personally owned watercraft – sailboats, powerboats and personal watercraft. The policy can also include coverage on your trailers, motors, personal property, electronics and safety equipment.

Issues to Consider:

-Is the amount of liability coverage adequate?

-Does your personal umbrella policy provide extra limits of liability?

-What are the navigational restrictions on the policy?

-Lay-up periods may save premiums for boats used only a part of the year.

-Review the amount of coverage on the hull, motor, and trailer regularly to be sure the coverage is adequate.

-Consider using higher deductibles to control premium.

-Does the policy include exclusions or limitations for certain operators?

-Does the policy include coverage for personal effects?

-Review the coverage for protection against injuries caused by a boater with no or low liability coverage.

-Some insurers include boat coverage as part of the homeowners’ or personal insurance package.

-Are there discounts available for owners who attend boating safety classes?

-Small boats (rowboats, canoes and kayaks) may be covered by homeowners’ insurance.

-Are there premium credits available for having your boat insurance with the same insurance company as your auto and/or home insurance?