Business Liability Insurance Overview

Business liability is also called “General Liability” or “Commercial General Liability Insurance.” Abbreviations include CGL and GL.

The policy provides protection against legal action based on negligence for bodily injury and property damage. Includes coverage for products liability, completed operations, premises liability and personal injury.

Tips and Advice –

–Usually excludes damage caused by pollution.

–Review your list of exposures. Does the policy list describe all operations?

–Consider increasing your limit of umbrella liability insurance.

–Most policies exclude pollution. Liability from mold and mildew is also limited by most policies.

–Coverage for libel and slander is limited if you are in the advertising or publishing business. Some policies limit coverage for web developers too.

–Damage to data is excluded by most policies. If you cause a client’s computer to crash, the general liability policy will not protect you.

–Malpractice and professional liability issues are excluded, as are “professional services.” Doctors, lawyers, consultants, engineers, beauticians, funeral directors, technology service companies, property management, construction managers and travel agents all should consider professional liability insurance.