Changing Insurance Agents

Earlier this week I helped a client fire their current agent.

My client had been working with the same agency for 20 years. In the past 6 years they have had three different service teams from the agency.

Other than that, there were no real service complaints.

We interviewed the current agent and three others as we tried to decide what to do for the upcoming renewal.

All 3 prospective agents made good presentations and offered advice and information not shared by the current agent. In the end, the decision was made to change agents because, (in the client’s words) sometimes change is healthy.

The new agent is very excited to have a new account and is tripping over himself to get off to the right start. The client is looking forward to new blood.

Everyone has the expectation of a great result.

Of course, the old agent is not too pleased. I don’t blame them for wondering what happened. They really did not do anything wrong.

As the client said, sometimes change is good. It doesn’t mean that there are not wounds inflicted though.

I have no doubt that the change was the right decision. I write this to remind my agent readers that sometimes, despite your best efforts you still lose the account.

Agents, another lesson here is to figure out how to get honest feedback about how firm your relationship really is with your client.