Data Backup Services

Having backups of your computer data files is critical to any disaster recovery plan. They keys are:

Timely Backup – The backup must be of your current data.

Simple – Human nature being what it is, you must have a simple system that requires minimal interaction.

Off Site Storage – Off site means that you have access even when your computer is destroyed and your building is inaccessible.

Easy Retrieval – If you lose your data you need it back fast. Having data stored at your in-laws 3 hours away means its safe. However, it will take you 6 hours to get it back.

Regular Tests – I test my backup system every other month. I want to be sure I can retrieve my lost data when I need it. Create a word processing document. Call it “test.” Save it. Allow the backup to occur. Delete the file from your computer and restore it from your backup.

For three months I have been using Carbonite, a service available over the internet – I find the service performs well over my cable modem connection. They offer a 30 day free trial and the actual service is only $50 a year.

Simple protection for a buck a week.