Disaster Is A Mouse

You are having a nice meal with a friend at a nice restaurant.

There is a commotion at a nearby table.  You look over and in a bowl of salad is a dead mouse.  The woman who was served the salad is understandably freaking out.

People are coming over.  Many with cel phones are taking pictures of the mouse. You can be sure that those pictures will end up being sent to friends and the restaurant name will be included.

One guy even positions a menu near the mouse as he takes a picture – framing the moment.

Now suppose you own the restaurant.

What do you do?

The mouse incident happened to Stephen J Dubner of Freakonomics fame.  I’ve been going through his past podcasts.  I have enjoyed them all.  I thought this one was particularly instructive.

Listen to the podcast here.

In the management of every business there is crisis.  How you respond to a single mouse-in-the-salad can determine the future of your company.

Are you ready?