Do-It-Yourself Insurance Consulting

I know that, in these tough economic times, not every business owner wants to spend the money for an insurance consultant.

There still are coverage and premium questions though.

I’m in the final stages of my new Insurance Coverage Toolbox. It’s a workbook of issues, ideas, and questions that will help you understand your insurance coverage. Going through the materials will give you the information you need, as a business owner, to judge your business insurance program and the quality of your insurance agent.

I’m offering the electronic (PDF) version at a pre-publication price of $79. After April 15th the price is $99. Bound copies will also be available.

Money Back Guarantee – If this tool does not meet your expectations just email us with the reasons why within 7 days. We’ll provide a full and immediate refund. (Insurance agents, insurance consultants, or insurers are not eligible for a refund.)

I’m also offering a special Bank Insurance Audit Toolbox. Same idea as above, but for banks.