Environmental Risk

Ha! You’re thinking I was referring to pollution.


I did a bit of traveling a few weeks ago.  I had my breakfast in the same restaurant 6 days in a row.

I would bring my laptop as stay-on to do some writing.  It was pleasant and comfortable.  I got a great deal done.

After a few days I realized that there was soft, upbeat instrumental music playing in the background in the restaurant.  The beat and sound of the music improved the environment to a place that I was quite productive.

Over the past week or so I have been playing/experimenting in my office with different music.  I think it is making a difference.

We call things that have the potential to affect assets negatively risks.  A poor environment is a risk.

Our environments matter.  Bad environments risk poor performance.

Now I am playing with scents.  My wife has offered to take me to Yankee Candle.  That will be a first.