Free Amazon Book – NonProfit Directors’ and Officers’ Insurance

How To Buy Directors and Officers Insurance - NonProfit
Free Book Now On Amazon

I am excited to announce that my newest book is now available on Amazon Kindle – for free.

How To Buy Directors’ and Officers’ Insurance For Your Nonprofit 

While you may not be in the nonprofit world, you probably volunteer there – or you know someone who does.
Frankly, only a small part of my consulting practice is non-profits.  I wrote this book to help answer the questions I frequently get.  It’s a resource.

To get the book free you have to act now, during the promotional period. 
Download the book for FREE from November 8 through November 10. My gift to you!

I write about all the things I’ve learned while working with hundreds and hundreds of nonprofits.  Directors’ and officers’ liability insurance is an important part of the insurance protection every nonprofit needs.  This book answers the questions – from the buyer’s perspective.

Three favors I need please:

First, order the book.  Right now it’s free – no tax, no handling, no hassle.  You are ordering the Kindle version of the book.  It can be read on any Kindle reader – on a Kindle, or on your computer, or on your smartphone. It’s delivered to you immediately.

Second, read and review the book.  A key to digital success is reviews.  Read the book then post a review please.  Honest reviews – good or bad are useful.  (Good reviews are always better. Wink.)

Third, tell people you know who are active with non-profits.  Spread the word for me.  The personal liability issues that come with serving on non-profits are huge.  I wrote this book to shed light on how non-profits can manage the risks. The more people who see this, the better.

Did I mention that right now it’s free?

If you have suggestions or comments about the information in the book, I would love to hear them.  I’ll do a second edition at some point using reader suggestions.

Go ahead and get my book now while it’s FREE – here’s the Amazon link.
OH – and please tell your friends! I’d love for them to get the book for free, too!