In Case of My Death

About 5 years ago I started a document on my computer that outlines what I think people need to know if I die.

Every six months I pull up the file and make revisions.  It is not a will. (I have one of those too.)  It discusses bank accounts, computer codes, life insurance policies.  The object is to help those left with the details of sorting things out.

I list things like where I’d like to be buried, that I want to be cremated.  I have left no question that I want my organs harvested like a peanut field – take ’em all. (Yes, I have a donor card and a signed paper in my will, and I’ve talked about it with my wife.)  The most recent letter even outlines that I’m thinking about donating what’s left of my body to a local medical school – I’m thinking about it.  I have not decided yet.

There are details in the letter about my funeral and what I want.

I also say that everything is subject to what my wife wants done at the time.

To me this is part of risk management.  I’ve watched families argue of what the dead guy wanted.  I’m leaving no doubt.

The most recent version of the letter was just printed.  I fold it up and put it in our home safe.  I’ll remind Kathy that it’s there and again ask her to do a similar letter.  One last time she will get to tell me what to do.