Increased Flood Risks

An article in today’s NY Times discussed the risk that NY faces of rising sea levels.

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Many say the seas are rising.  It only makes sense to find out what your city or town is considering and doing to prevent widespread flood damage.  Are your properties in the areas of concern?  What precautions can you take to protect your business and family?  Should you build flood protection barriers of your own?

Agree or disagree that the seas are rising and that storms are getting worse – you still should prepare for storms.

A neighbor builds a new parking lot or changes the drainage pattern of his lot – that could cause flooding in different places than in the past.

We had a pretty good rain storm a few weeks ago.  I put on my raincoat and walked around my house to see how the water was moving.  I saw an area where water settled near the foundation.  I’m having that fixed.