Internet Insurance Exposures

Frankly, most people in the insurance industry are not yet comfortable with the exposures to loss presented by the internet. Most insurance companies are using exclusionary language for issues like intellectual property and cyber-theft. Work with your insurance advisor to identify your exposures to loss involving the internet. Watch your renewals for the addition of endorsements limiting coverage.

How can your business be impacted by:
-Loss of access to the internet?
-Loss of your website for an extended period of time?
-Hacking into your website and stealing information?
-Hacking into your website and changing the site?
-Hacking into your computer network, and accessing customer data?
-Hackers destroy data?
-Loss of computer data?
-A computer virus destroying data?
-Illicit employee use of your computers?
-Theft of data by loss of a laptop computer?
-Employee access / hacking of your computer system for revenge?

How vigilant are you over the following issues:
-Former employee access of computers?
-Contractor access of computers?
-Password security policies?
-Employee use of computer policies?
-Employee email policies?
-Adequacy of backup process, including regular testing?
-Virus protection policy and procedures?
-Software updates?
-Customer relations plan reacting to cyber-crime?