Loss Control – Water, Hot Spots, Insects and Pests

I’m catching up on my reading… November issue of Best Review (AM Best Company) – article by Scott Spencer on the hidden problems that can lurk in buildings – problems that become evident over time, but by then it is way too late.

(Unfortunately the article is available to subscribers only. Bad on you AM Best!)

Spencer discusses electrical problems, water intrusion and infestation.

Hot spots in the electrical system develop as insulation deteriorates, nails penetrate electrical boxes, and screws loosen-up. Eventually there is a fire or a short.

Water intrusion comes from slow plumbing leaks and small roof leaks. Over time decay sets in and, perhaps mold.

Infestation can be from insects or rodents.

These are not issues I had spent much time thinking on. I should. You should too.

I’m calling a pest control company today and have asked my insurance agent if my insurance company offers risk control services for electrical and plumbing issues.