Having multiple wives may appear to have advantages. The reality is probably different. It’s the same with having multiple insurance agents.

You’ll get a better insurance program if one agent handles your entire insurance account. This is true of both your business and personal insurance. You may even want your business and personal insurance with the same agent.

Having one agent will save you both time and aggravation. Having one agent means that you make one call when you have a problem or a change in your life or business. Having one agent helps to prevent gaps and overlaps in coverage.

One agent means only one review meeting, saving you time. (You do have an annual review meeting with your agent, don’t you?)

I’ve worked with several insurance buyers who thought that it was best to split the business up. Their idea was to let the two (or three) agents fight it out, scrapping for the business. I have never found that this works very well. Come claim time, it can be a nightmare when each points to the other for coverage.

If you currently have two agents, you know which one is the better service provider. Pick that agent and have him or her handle your entire insurance account.