New Insurance Syndrome Identified – Instant Cure Available

It has taken me thirty-five years, but I have figured out the major cause of most problems with business insurance programs.

Acute Insurance Agent Complacency Syndrome affects millions of businesses around the US.

Also known as AIACS, the disease symptoms start three years after an insurance agent begins insuring a business. Particularly troublesome cases come once the insurance relationship passes the six-year mark.

Symptoms include:

  • Your agent starts the renewal process late.
  • Your agent answers questions with, “I’ll have to ask the underwriter about that.”
  • You bring more ideas to the relationship than the agent does.
  • The sole communication is a letter in the mail with a bill attached.
  • Your phone calls are not returned.
  • Your emails are not replied to.
  • Your policy has any form of coinsurance clause attached to it.

My prescription is pretty simple: what my dad called a, “Come to Jesus Meeting.”  When I messed up, he’d sit me down and have a serious talk with me – not terribly pleasant for either of us, but necessary. I hated those sessions. I always came out of them feeling like I had let him down – because I had.

An insurance agent suffering from AIACS has let her clients down. She either gets with the program quickly, or gets fired.

If your insurance agent is letting you down, talk with him. Explain your expectations. Tell him what you want and when you want it. That’s the warning. He either gets with the program quickly, or gets fired.

Sometimes it’s just easier to shoot the mule.

The above comes from a scene in the movie Patton. The Army is on the move – or it should be. Something is causing the column of men and material to stop. General George roars to the front of the traffic jam and finds a mule on a bridge, its owner pleading and pulling. Patton pulls out his gun and shoots the mule. Problem solved.

Don’t literally shoot your insurance agent. Perhaps the relationship is so damaged that you just end it and move on. This can be a tricky process.

If any of the above sounds familiar, call me. I can help you sort things out. I’ve helped hundreds of companies maneuver a change of agent. I’m happy to help.