Scott’s Rules of Insurance – Rule 3 – Preventing A Loss Is Better Than Being Insured

Rule 3 – Preventing a loss is better than being insured. Limiting a loss is the next best thing to preventing it.

I consider any loss as a failure in some system. Build operations and procedures to prevent and limit loss. Place backups. Create stop-gaps and fail-safes.

Inspect your electrical systems annually. Install water-usage alarms to notify you of a burst pipe. Test your evacuation plan. Install a security system. Build a video surveillance system. Perform regular inspections of your facilities. Look for unsafe conditions, hazards, maintenance issues.

In a heavy rain, inspect for water flow around your property. Where is water collecting? What could prevent water from draining away from your buildings?

Consider “what if” scenarios. What if our computer crashed? What if our main supplier shut down? What if we lost power for 5 days? What if our best customer cancelled?

Redundancy is an often overlooked tool. I have a home phone, cell phone, and Skype subscription so I am sure to be able to get and make calls. I backup my computers on-line to a server in the mid-west. I also backup my computers on a separate harddrive. I have a generator at my office in case the power goes out. Much of my work is online so I can work from almost anywhere.

Build a communications plan. Have an accessible, updated list of customers, employees, suppliers, and service providers.

Any disruption is expensive. Plan to prevent disruptions and to limit them.