Security Cameras

There are four broad areas where security cameras can help a business:

-Preventing Theft
-Convicting a Thief
-Documenting Accidents
-Proving An Accident Did Not Occur

No thief wants to get caught. Visible cameras in a business deter theft and make it easier to prove what was taken, by whom, and when. The current digital technology allow an item to be targeted and the computer moves to the exact moment when the target is moved. Imagine a purse that disappears. The system operator can go to an image that shows the purse on the counter, then tell the computer to go to the frame when the purse is moved. No need to watch hours of tape looking for an event.

A problem for many businesses is accidental injuries to employees and the public. Cameras can document exactly what happened to assist in preventing similar events in the future.

Unfortunately, not all allegations of injury are legitimate. One client tell the story of an employee who claimed an injury on the day after cameras were installed in the store. A review of the tape showed that no accident had occurred. She withdrew her work comp claim and resigned.

Another client received a letter from an attorney alleging a slip and fall injury. No fall could be found on any of the tapes for the weeks before or after the injury was to have occurred. My client relayed the information and never heard from the lawyer again.

Consider video surveillance as a loss control tool for your company.