Something Stinky About No Vacations

Do you have an employee who refuses to take a vacation?

Is he/she a valued employee – in a position of trust?

Does he/she have access to your bank accounts?

Insist he/she goes on vacation. Two weeks minimum.

If he/she fights you and says his/her work is his/her life and he/she takes no vacation out of dedication and loyalty, force him/her.

Vacations are when most employee theft schemes are discovered. The balls cannot be kept in the air if nobody is there to juggle them.

Not all employees who refuse vacation are thieves, but all thieves will try to cover up their theft.

Note — If you cannot deal without a specific employee for more than a week, you have a problem in your company.  If you limit employee vacations because you are dependent on a single person to do a job, you are setting yourself up for trouble.

All duties need several people who can manage them. People get sick. They quit. If you are that dependent on a person, you are too dependent on them.