Ten Simple Things You Can Do To Manage Risk and Cut Your Insurance Premiums

1 – Email your agent – tell him that you expect that he will meet with you 120 days before your policies expire and that he will have a renewal quote to you 30 days BEFORE expiration.

2 – Test your computer backup system – tell you techies that they will delete a file in front of you and restore from the backup.

3 – Every 6 months look at a complete list of all your losses. Ask the adjusters what they have done to resolve the claims and what they plan to do.

4 – Increase your property deductibles and don’t turn in small property claims.

5 – Resolve to document every action you take with an employee that could lead to a future problem. If you reprimand, write it down.

6 – Invite your underwriter to visit your operation – get your agent to bring your underwriter to see you. Build a relationship.

7 – Email employees to remind them of your policy regarding damage to personal vehicles while on company business.

8 – Have your attorney review your employment policies. Eliminate any policy that is not being followed.

9 – Take a tour of your locations and video tape what you see. Store the video in case of fire – so you can show the adjuster what the place was like.

10 – Get an unbiased review of your coverage by an insurance consultant.