The LL Bean Guarantee

Being from Maine, we order stuff from LL Bean regularly.

It is, I have found, always a simple process.  You call. They answer (not a recording). The salesperson greets me by name (caller ID works well in Maine). She answers my questions and takes my order.  A few days later my order arrives.  The stuff is almost always perfect.  If it is not, they fix it.  If I really don’t like the item, they take it back.  They even pay shipping back to their store.  No problem.

It’s the LL Bean Guarantee

“Our products are guaranteed to give 100% satisfaction in every way.”

For years I have guaranteed my consulting work.  I now admit that I was a bit fuzzy.  I hedged a bit.

No more.

From now on every consulting assignment I enter into will be backed by my version of the LL Bean Guarantee:

I guarantee that my work will result in demonstrable improvements in your insurance program. If, at the end of my work, you believe that my efforts have not been worth the fee you paid, I will return your fee.  Period.