The Ten Commandments of Data Backup

I Thou shalt have a plan to backup your data.

II Thy plan must include laptops.

III Remote-est locations such as home-eth offices and telecommuters must be included in thy plan-eth.

IV Thou shalt test thy backup plan by deleting-eth a file and retrieving it to its proper place from thy backup.

V Your plan is run by mortals and will therefore devolve into chaos without review, testing, and monitoring.

VI Testing should be done without-eth any warning to your IT people — just to piss-eth them off.

VII Thou shalt store backups off site, as mayhem will occur.

VIII The more complicated-eth your plan is, the more screwups will occur – think automatic-eth.

iX Include-eth hardware in your backup plan – how wilt thou get replacement hardware fast?

X Rince-eth and repeat-eth.