Uneven Ground

My granddaughter was just learning how to walk.

She had taken a few steps, and was in that stage of wobble more than toddle.

She did fine inside.  She could take steps, stand for a bit, then hold onto a coffee table or chair leg.

She was outside walking on the driveway.  It was more challenging – nothing to grab.  She was doing OK.

She then ventured to the edge of the concrete.

Down she went in the grass.  She stood up, and immediately went down again.  The third time there were tears of frustration.

Walking on smooth paths does not train us for walking on uneven ground.

Certainly we need to learn a skill in a safe, easy environment.  We have to up the ante, though.

As I get older I am starting to think about my body and health in the coming years.  I have (finally) started to pay attention to my diet and level of fitness.

I also think about uneven ground.

This morning I slipped on a walkway.   I lost my footing, and quickly regained it.  I did not fall.  I did not pull a muscle or hurt myself in any way.

What if I had been less flexible or agile?

A friend of mine broke his hip earlier this year.  It has been brutal watching him come back.

We need to train for the uneven ground.  We need to figure out that bad stuff will happen in our world and we need to be ready.

I’m not talking about calamities.  Just normal, almost expected, occurrences.  What do you do when a key employee leaves?  What do you do if the VP of 3 departments are out of reach and a decision needs to be made?  What if your primary supplier of X, Y or Z can’t get stuff to you?

I’m spending more time walking on uneven ground.  It helps me be ready for the bumps in the road.