What’s Not Covered – Property Insurance

Every property insurance policy has exclusions. Review your policy and talk with your insurance adviser about what exclusions are in your policy.

Here are some common property insurance exclusions:

Earthquake/earth movement
Flood/water/mudslide/water backup
Damage by insects and animals
Damage by high pressure vessels (steam boilers)
Ordinance or Law
Governmental Action
Utility Service
Fungus/mold/bacteria/dry rot
Artificial electrical current
Delay, loss of use or loss of market
Wear and tear
Smoke, vapor or gas from agricultural or industrial operations
Rust, decay, corrosion
Nesting or infestation or birds, animals, insects
Mechanical breakdown
Continuous or repeated seepage
Dishonest acts by you
Voluntary parting/trick/false pretense

This isn’t a comprehensive list. Some policies include coverage for the above or limited coverage for the above. Talk with your insurance adviser about the coverage you have in your insurance program.