Working With A Great Agent

I met last week with a client for whom I had worked a year or so ago. Part of what came from our efforts was a change in agent.

The client had been doing business with the same agent for some time. The service and expertise just wasn’t what this client needed.

We changed agents, saved $45,000, improved the coverage, gained loss control services, gained claims management expertise, and a staff ready to respond.

The prior agent had done a decent job. He had been responsive, dedicated, and focused on doing what he could for the client. He relied heavily on services offered by the insurer.

His service just didn’t cut it, though he certainly gave it his all. The agency wasn’t big enough to offer additional help to the client. The agent had many, many years of insurance experience – almost all with personal insurance and small commercial.

The client commented to me at our recent meeting, “I should have changed agents ten years ago.”

Your agent does matter. The agency also matters. Your relationship and the abilities of your agent may be the most important component of the insurance transaction.