Personhood and Insurance

Many states currently have on the books or are considering laws that give legal “person” status to a fetus/unborn baby.  I make no judgment here on the ethics or morality of one position over another. I raise the issue of insurance…
A pregnant employee is in a work-related car accident and the baby dies. Is the baby covered by workers compensation? Is this an employment liability claim?  What happens if the baby is in the hospital for 6 months?  Are all bills workers’ compensation or only those prior to delivery?
If we take the same accident but the mother is going to the hardware store on Saturday… Are the baby’s medical bills covered by the mother’s health insurance?  Do health insurers start charging premiums based on conception? How does the auto insurance policy respond?
I have brought this up to several insurance agents in Alabama and other states with personhood laws in place. Nobody has a good answer. Perhaps there is not one yet.