Client Results

My Insurance Consulting Clients Get…


“Your work for us is as important as any insurance policy we buy.”

Bill Swales
Bangor Savings Bank

My Clients Get…

  • Better Insurance Coverage – I uncover problem areas and mistakes. I help you make informed decisions and avoid surprises. You get better insurance coverage.
  • Lower Insurance Premiums – I know where to look for premium dollar leaks. I can help you make informed decisions. Wiser use of your premium dollars means lower costs. You get lower insurance premiums.
  • Easier Administration of Insurance – My knowledge of insurance makes it easier for you to manage your insurance program. You get more time for your customers and the growth of your business.
  • Claims Assistance – Aggressive, pragmatic, focused pursuit of your claims means faster results protecting your interests.
  • Inside Information – I guide you through the maze of the insurance world with unbiased insurance advice. I provide insight and straight answers, so you avoid blind alleys and save time and effort.
  • Non-insurance Options – Insurance is not the solution to every risk. I assist with your risk management plans and utilize techniques and resources that reduce your risk and control your costs.
  • Unsurpassed Service – I am dedicated to my clients. I answer all client email messages within one business day. Phone messages from clients are returned in ninety minutes during business hours.