Free Bank Insurance Reviews

There are several insurance agents offering free bank insurance reviews.

Some are agents affiliated with bank associations. Some are independent insurance agents offering free bank insurance reviews as a way to drum-up business. All good, I’m sure. Nothing immoral or wrong in that. It’s marketing. I give away lots of information. There are well over one thousand posts, white-papers, teleseminars, reports, and position papers on this website. I don’t do free bank insurance reviews, though.

A free bank insurance review is not an unbiased-bank-insurance review.

An agent selling an insurance policy to a bank has skin in the game – commissions, bonuses, overrides, incentives. The advice may be useful. It is not without bias. Rarely will an insurance agent tell you not to buy insurance – or that his bank-insurance is not the answer to your insurance problems.

An association with a commission deal with an insurance company is not unbiased. (My concerns over my clients’ perception of me have led me to resign membership from any bank association where there is an insurance arm.)

Free is good. How good, though, is a free bank insurance review? I  charge for my bank insurance reviews.

Warren Buffett advises us to, “Never ask a barber if you need a haircut.” My grandfather got his hair cut every week – I’m sure his barber thought that was a fine idea.

Free might not be free when it comes to a bank insurance review.

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