Insurance Consulting For Banks – From an Unbiased Point of View


Unbiased, Fee-Only Bank Insurance Coverage Reviews and Expertise

Your bank’s insurance is limited. Your risks are limitless. Consider an unbiased, fee-only bank insurance consultant to help you understand your protection.

As a bank insurance consultant, I have the skills, experience, and knowledge to assure you that the insurance coverage you buy for your bank is the best the marketplace has to offer.

  • I never sell insurance. (It’s part of the definition of “fee-only.”)
  • I never accept fees or commissions from insurance agents or insurers. (Part two of “fee-only.”)
  • I never accept gifts or gratuities from agents or insurers. They can’t even buy me lunch! (Again, “fee-only.”)
  • Over thirty years of helping banks buy the right bank-insurance.
  • Over four hundred banks as clients, and counting…

I provide insurance help for the banker who buys insurance for their bank.  I am an unbiased, fee-only Bank Insurance Consultant.


The best time to have your insurance reviewed
is a month before you have an uninsured loss.


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Without a comprehensive review of your bank insurance, how will you know you have a problem? Wouldn’t you like to know sooner than later?  Who better to give information than an unbiased, fee-only bank insurance specialist.

Why Banks Hire Me For An Insurance Review

I work with small- and medium-sized banks all over the US. Each hires me for its own reasons. Most seem to have small doubts about their insurance, which grow over time to become looming questions.

Bank Insurance Coverage

  • Insurance questions put to your agent are not answered convincingly.
  • There are doubts about the quality of your bank’s insurance.
  • In some cases the bank’s insurance agent sits on the board, which is a potential conflict.
  • The bank’s insurance agent is related to the CEO.
  • The CEO/CFO/CRO wants to be absolutely sure of coverage adequacy.
  • Your agent does not work with many banks.
  • The bank board wants an independent insurance review.
  • It has been some time since anyone besides your agent has reviewed your bank’s insurance.

I’m told I make bank insurance understandable.

The Training of a Bank Insurance Consultant

I started my insurance career in 1979 as a clerk for a large agency in Boston. Soon thereafter I joined an insurance agency in Pennsylvania. The bank crisis of the early 1980s hit and I was asked to help in the analysis of the insurance for a failing bank. I fell in love with bank insurance. After working as an insurance agent for twenty years I started my consulting practice and soon became a specialist as a bank insurance consultant.  Since 2000 I have worked with over 400 banks and other financial institutions helping them buy and manage their insurance coverage.

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