Insurance Consulting

Insurance Expertise – Without The Conflict of Insurance Sales
Business insurance protection is a specialty area of insurance. My in-depth knowledge and understanding of the insurance coverage, insurance markets, risk management issues, and the intricacies involved in helping businesses means I help my clients get the best coverage at the best price.

Insurance Review

Due Diligence Coverage Review & Analysis: A comprehensive review of your company’s exposures and your current insurance program. What are the coverage gaps and overlaps? Are you working with the right insurance company? Is your agent doing the job?

Your Results: You get lower insurance costs and a greater understanding of what your insurance covers and what it doesn’t cover. An independent, unbiased evaluation of your insurance will eliminate costly policy gaps and overlaps.

Bid Management

Bid Management / Renewal Assistance: Use competition to get the best price and coverage for your business. I provide assistance in the selection of qualified insurers and the analysis of the proposals offered.

Your Results: You obtain the best coverage and price the marketplace has to offer. Unbiased assistance in the review and selection of the right insurance program makes your work easier and more effective.

Claims Assistance

Is the insurance company handling your claim properly? Is the offered settlement fair based on the coverage you purchased? Is a claim denial appropriate? What coverage should have been in place?

Your Results: You’re assured an equitable loss settlement from your insurance company. Our unbiased interpretation of how your coverage applies to the events that occurred gives you ammunition in your efforts to become whole. You get assistance navigating the process and a faster resolution of your claim.

Insurance Management Services

How do you manage the entirety of your insurance program? What issues should be considered at renewal? Is this the right time for your agent to provide alternative quotes? What loss control services should your insurer provide? What claims management issues need to be addressed?

Your Results: You realize a reduction in the administrative burden insurance places on your bank. You get on-call expert assistance with any insurance matter – coverage, premium, or claims.