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General Insurance Information

School Board Liability Insurance » – An overview of the coverages, exclusions, terms, and conditions. Includes information of employment practices liability coverage too.

Bid Your Insurance Now » – November ’06 Article From Mainebiz magazine.

Insurance 101 » – Introduction to insurance.

Property Insurance

Builders Risk Insurance, An Introduction » – Commercial builders risk insurance for construction and renovations.

Coinsurance, What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You » – A common penalty can make business property insurance claims a nightmare.

Debris Removal – Coverage Gap » – After the fire you may find that you have a hole in your insurance too.

How To Survive Big Property Claims » – Practical advice on how to work with your insurance company in large claims.

Valuable Papers » – Introduction to the issues necessary in insurance for important documents.

Crime Insurance

Tips On Employee Theft Prevention » – How to stop employee theft.

Liability Insurance

Pollution Liability Insurance » – Most business insurance policies exclude pollution. Here are the details. Reprint from MaineBiz.

School Board Liability Insurance » – Introduction to professional liability insurance for school boards.

Business Automobile Insurance

Business Auto Symbols » – How to interpret your auto insurance coverage.

Employee Use of Personal Autos for Company Business » – Issues to consider when employees drive their own cars on company business.

Risk Management Issues

How to Buy Employment Practices Liability Insurance » – Solid info on a very real area of exposure for employers: discrimination, harassment, wrongful discharge.

Ed Poll Interviews Scott on Insurance Issues for Law Firms » – Attorney Ed Poll helps law firms manage their businesses better. He reviews insurance issues with Scott.