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Six times a year our subscribers get insurance advice and information not available anywhere else. Topics are geared to the needs of bankers who manage the insurance for their banks.

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Past Issues of Simmonds on Bank Insurance:

Bank Insurance Newsletter

Issue 47 – Employment practices liability, bank insurance reviews, mortgage impairment

Issue 46 – Making the Insurance Renewal Process Work Better

Issue 45 – Lender Asset Protection, Gaps and Overlap Graphics

Issue 44 – See Your Bank’s Insurance Graphically

Issue 43 – What Danger Lurks In Your Bank Insurance? Why Drop Civil Money Penalty Insurance

Issue 42 – What’s In Your Bank Bond?

Issue 41 – Common Problem Issues In Bank Insurance

Issue 40 – Liability Insurance Holes You Can Drive A Truck Through

Issue 39 – Liability Insurance & Claims, Extra Expense Coverage

Issue 38 – Strategies For Managing Your Bank’s Insurance, Extra Expense Coverage

Issue 37 – Little Things In Your Bank’s Insurance That May Not Be Little

Issue 36 – Managing Your Bank’s Insurance Renewals

Issue 35 – Bank Bond Coverage Changes, Nonprofit Service Coverage

Issue 34 – The Biggest Secret In Bank Insurance, Pollution Insurance

Issue 33 – Data and Privacy Protection Insurance, Coverage Limits

Issue 32 – Bank Insurance To-Do List

Issue 31 – Computer Crime Coverages on Your Bond, Nonprofit Service

Issue 30 – Bank Directors and Officers Surprises, Privacy Exposures, Umbrella Issues

Issue 29 – Bond and Executive Risk Renewal Tactics

Issue 28 – Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Issue 27 – Your Banker’s Bond Has A Hole In It

Issue 26 – E-Banking Insurance

Issue 25  – Do You Really Have the Insurance You Think You Do?

Issue 24 – Financial Institutions Bond Basics, Marketplace Predictions

Issue 23 – The Most Common D&O Question, Umbrella Liability